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Amelie Rose 2020 Season Preview

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Archived News (Live), Topsail Adventures News

As well as marking the start of a new decade 2020 will herald the beginning of our 12th season aboard the Amelie Rose and we’ve packed the schedule full of our favourite adventures to celebrate. Here’s a preview of what could be coming your way…

Traditional Tasters

Whether you’re new to sailing, want a celebration for family and friends, or simply want to discover what’s so great about sailing on a ship of Nelson’s era, our “Traditional Taster Weekends” are the ideal way to try out the Amelie Rose experience.

Traditional Tasters are like little “samplers” of longer adventures aboard the Amelie Rose. A bit of sailing, a bit of exploring, some excitement and a whole lot of fun. If you want to discover what traditional sailing is all about then these are the fastest way to find out.

We’ve got five of these in 2020 – including a longer three day one over the first May bank holiday so there are plenty of opportunities for you to come along and join in the fun. If this floats your boat head on over to and get booking!

Adventure Cruises

Adventure cruises are the perfect cocktail; longer, more relaxed adventures aboard combined with fascinating trips ashore all mixed with the very best Channel destinations. We have Adventure Cruises ranging in length from 5 to 18 days, including visits to most of our favourite places, so there’s sure to be something to suit your taste.

Longer cruises are what we really love about sailing. In 2018 we completed the longest one yet; nearly a thousand miles all around the Western Channel on our Clean Seas Odyssey, but shorter adventure cruises are great for holidays too. The pace of life slows and you really get the chance to be present in what is going on. If you love to be part of team exploring the world then these are the adventures for you.

Sound like your kind of thing? There are six to choose from in our 2020 schedule visiting Cornwall, North Brittany, the Channel Islands and our favourite, the Isles of Scilly. Just click on to find out more.

Special Events

There’s nothing quite like being part of an event rather than just a spectator. From regattas to festivals there’s lots of traditional boats to ogle, racing to enjoy and always plenty to do ashore. Looking around aboard other boats is encouraged and the camaraderie between crews makes for unforgettable holidays.

There are all kinds of special events that we attend; in the past we have raced with Tall Ships, visited massive French Festivals, paraded along the Thames and occasionally attended the launching of other boats. Our favourites are the Annual St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review and the Breton Traditional Boat festivals at Paimpol, Douarnenez and Brest.

This year is a big one for Special Events as we’ll be attending three of our favourites. Starting with our 11th St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review and then heading across the Channel to attend the International Maritime Festival in Brest (the biggest celebration of classic and traditional craft in the world). From there we’ll head further south to the oldest of the Breton Traditional Boat Festivals – Temps Fete in Douarnenez.

Sound like your kind of adventures? Get over to to find out more.

Milebuilder Voyages

A mile-builder voyage is perfect if you want to maximise your sea-miles AND your remaining holiday allowance. They’re also a brilliant way to experience longer passages under the watchful eye of a professional skipper/instructor. In 2020 we have mile-builders along the South Coast and across to the Channel Islands, and pound per mile, they’re all a real steal!

Mile-builders are generally one-way trips that we schedule when we need to get the boat somewhere. We appreciate that this makes travel to and from the boat a little trickier and for this reason they are often priced extremely keenly – giving you some spare cash to spend on the journey there and back. Milebuilders are often fairly short adventures too, but will often cover quite large distances. If you’re looking to build your sea miles and experience this makes them ideal.

When Nick is the skipper you will also have the benefit of an RYA Instructor aboard – who will be happy for you to get involved with the navigation and running of the boat.

Sound like your kind of adventure? Check out our scheduled milebuilders here:

We hope to see you aboard soon!

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  1. Steve

    Lovely to read about Amelie’s adventures in 2019, it extends the season on a wet and gloomy night and before you know it, spring will be here!
    Next year’s calendar looks full of good things too.
    All the best Nick.

    Steve R.


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