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Traditional Boat Building – An endangered Craft?

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Skipper's Notes

Traditional wooden boat building has been moved to the list of Endangered Crafts this year according to Heritage Crafts.
The Traditional Boat Building Survey 2023 found that there was a particular concern about the loss of regional boat types and that skilled practitioners were heavily concentrated in the south of England.
Wooden boats have been built in the UK since the Bronze Age and form a crucial part of our history and culture.
Amelie Rose is proudly part of a fleet that revived a regional boat type – Scilly Isles Pilot Cutters – keeping this craft alive.
Forty six Scillonian pilot cutters worked out of Scilly in the 19th century, but all were broken up by the 20th century. Boatbuilder Luke Powell of Working Sail Ltd has renewed this line of powerful and sturdy cutters with their trademark lute sterns and heavy scantlings for a new generation of seafarers to experience.
Amelie Rose (and her seven sister ships) are based on Scilly cutters as described in documentation, caught in the odd photograph (notably of St Martins Cutter The Queen and a picture of two Scilly Cutters beached for cleaning) and some partial lines.
Amelie Rose was specifically built for charter and is a piece of living, floating and sailing maritime history.
You could own this unique vessel – she is up for sale!


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