Special Events

There's nothing quite like being part of an event rather than just a spectator. From regattas to festivals there's lots to choose from.
Special Events

There’s nothing quite like being part of an event rather than just a spectator. From regattas to festivals there’s lots of traditional boats to ogle, racing to enjoy and always plenty to do ashore. Looking around aboard each others boats is encouraged and the camararderie between crews makes for unforgettable holidays.

There are all kinds of special events that we attend; in the past we have raced with Tall Ships, visited massive French Festivals, paraded along the Thames and occasionally attended the launching of other boats. Our favourites are the Annual St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review and the Breton Traditional Boat festivals at Paimpol, Douarnenez and Brest.

Sound like your kind of adventure? Simply select your favourite event from the list below to get more information and then send us a booking enquiry.

Special Events on our Schedule
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