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Issue 162

14th February 2020

Boat Handling Under Engine – Part 3: “Let’s turn this ship around!”

In the last article we looked at ways to get our boats heading backwards without offering too much entertainment to the harbour-side gawkers. However, the vast majority of us are going to feel far happier when we’ve got our little ships heading the “right” way once more. This time, as our series on close quarters boat handling under engine continues, the Skipper tackles turning around.

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Boat Handling Under Engine, Part 2 – “She doesn’t DO reverse!”

In the last Skills School we discussed ways to extract ourselves from our alongside berth without undue drama. But still we’ve got to work our way out to the fairway buoy before we can stow our fenders with confidence. Continuing our series on handling long-keel boats under engine, let us begin to look at some techniques that will see us out to sea with the minimum of fuss, beginning with that nemesis of all long-keel boat skippers; reversing.

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Boat Handling Under Engine, Part 1: The Getaway…

If there’s one area that seems to give folks more trouble than any other when skippering traditional long keel boats then it’s manoeuvring them in tight spaces. In the first of a series on close-quarters boat handling and mooring techniques, The Skipper looks at the first part of any voyage – the getaway…

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In Praise of Stupid Boats and Smarter Skippers…

I was flipping through the RYA members’ magazine and came across an advert from a well-known marine equipment supplier suggesting that as we now have smart cars and smart phones “it’s about time we got Smart Boats”. They are, of course, pushing their latest chart-plotter which apparently comes complete with “autorouting navigation”. It set me to thinking about whether all this technology is really such a great idea…

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Want to do RYA Coastal Skipper on a Proper Boat?

We’ve been teaching the RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew courses for 5 years on Amelie Rose, and it’s lovely to bump into ex-trainees when we’re out and about – sometimes to discover that they’re now skippering their own boats. They’re often keen to get back aboard and ask whether we’re planning to offer more RYA courses. Well now we are, starting with RYA Coastal Skipper. So what is it and why do it on Amelie Rose?

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Six Reasons to do Your Day Skipper on the Amelie Rose

After thinking a fair bit about what makes traditional boats like Amelie Rose such great platforms aboard which to do a Competent Crew course – my thoughts fell naturally to their advantages from the (Day) Skippers point of view. To help me I had a look through what some of our previous Day-Skips had to say about it on their feedback forms. It turned out that they do a better job than I can so here’s 6 of them in their own words…

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