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Issue 162

6th July 2020

And We’re Back… (Maybe, Possibly)

Skippered Charter is back! But continuing restrictions mean that “business as usual” is simply not an option for the rest of the year. However, we’re sailors, and sailors are versatile right? But money is tight and if we get this wrong we might lose the wind, and have to swallow the anchor for ever. It’s all sooo confusing – but be calm shipmates, we have a plan…

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Topsail Adventures Launches “Build Your Own Adventure”!

With the restart of Skippered Charter confirmed on 4th July but social contact restrictions still in place, Topsail Adventures has today launched our “Build Your Own Adventure” Season. Book the whole boat for a simple daily fee and your household of up to six people can set sail as the temporary “owners” of your very own Scillonian Pilot Cutter! Where from? Where to? How long? You decide!

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Amelie Rose’s 2021 Schedule Launches!

With much less fanfare than is usual, and earlier than ever before, we have today launched Amelie Rose’s 2021 Sailing Schedule. COVID-19 has been interfering with this year’s summer so we thought that folks might appreciate the opportunity to look ahead to happier times when the lockdown and social distancing will (hopefully) be just bad memories.

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Topsail Adventures COVID-19 Updates

As I write this, COVID-19 continues to ravage lives, economies, and our sailing schedule. While much is still unclear, some news has emerged – very little of it positive unfortunately. I’ve collected together the various updates in this article and will bring you any further news via the website and on our Facebook feed as they happen.

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Re-introducing our Channel Islands Adventure Cruises!

It’s been a few years since we did a longer cruise to the Channel Islands and we’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms – especially since spending time there on our Clean Seas Odyssey and visiting every year for our work with the Set Sail Trust. With this in mind, when a gap opened up towards the end of the year, we thought it high time that we take the opportunity to schedule a proper visit once more.

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Topsail Adventures COVID-19 Response

Message from Nic Beck – owner/skipper of the Amelie Rose:

“I have no higher priority than the health and well-being of our guests, crews, and their friends and families – especially those who are in COVID-19 high-risk groups. I am also keen to ensure that people who have booked aboard the Amelie Rose for our 2020 season do not lose out financially from any actions I take in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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