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Topsail Adventures 2021 Covid-19 Update #2

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Archived News (Live), Topsail Adventures News

We are delighted that the government’s roadmap out of lockdown (and the NHS’s amazing mass vaccination efforts which are enabling it) mean that it looks like we will be able to start sailing again in just a few months’ time. We still need to get some clarifications before we can finalise our 2021 Schedule however, so please bear with us for just another couple of weeks and then we’ll finally be able plan a fantastic summer of sailing together! In the meantime, read on for the latest updates on our Covid-19 responses, cancellation policies, and on board safety procedures.


Current Situation / What’s next?

The government roadmap makes it clear that there will be no sailing for us in April and early May this year. We have therefore cancelled all of our trips in this period and have already contacted everyone who had booked on these to offer a CV-19 Voucher or refund. As per our 2020 Covid-19 statements, we have also now automatically extended the expiry dates of all CV-19 Vouchers to the end of 2023.

At the present time we are not taking deposits on any new bookings. These will become due (and our usual booking procedures will return) when we publish our updated 2021 Schedule in a couple of weeks.


Cancellation by us due to Covid-19 restrictions

We have shortened our cancellation window now to 5 weeks in-line with the government’s 5 week lag between phases of lockdown release. Up till the end of the the roadmap (currently June 21) we will also shorten the “balance due” period to 5 weeks before an adventure begins so that these timings remain in sync.

If we cancel a trip then we will automatically issue you a CV-19 Voucher for the total amount that you have on account with us. Accepting these vouchers will be a massive help to us as we try to survive the financial shock of losing an entire year’s business with very little government assistance. However, if you would prefer to get a full refund then we will issue this upon receipt of your request and your bank details.


Cancellation by you due to Covid-19 issues

If you find that you can no longer come along on your adventure due to; government Covid-19 restrictions, a direction to isolate given by NHS Track & Trace, developing Covid-19 symptoms, getting a positive Covid-19 test, or simply deciding that the risk to your health is too high, we will automatically issue you a CV-19 Voucher for the total amount that you have on account with us as long as you let us know before your adventure has commenced. As previously mentioned, accepting these vouchers will be a huge help to us as we strive to keep the business afloat despite minimal government support. If, however you require a full refund then we will issue this as soon as we receive your request and bank details.

Cancellations for other reasons will continue to be treated as per our published Terms and Conditions.


Keeping you safe aboard.

It should be noted that despite all of the safeguards noted below it will be impossible for us to guarantee the health of our guests and crew should someone embark who is carrying the virus. This is due to Covid-19’s airborne nature and our open plan bunking arrangements. Whilst we will be taking all reasonable precautions, we recommend that anyone in any of the high-risk categories (see below) ensures that they have been vaccinated before they come sailing with us.

Higher Risk Categories: Anyone aged 50+, and people of any age with; high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, chronic diseases of either the kidneys or liver, anyone possessing a BMI of 40+, or anyone having a weakened immune system.

Actions that we will be taking aboard the Amelie Rose

  • Provision of extra anti-viral wipes, soap, sanitising hand-gel etc.
  • Regular cleaning of hard surfaces/handles/handholds during the adventure.
  • Ventilation of the vessel when in harbour/at anchor.
  • Regular temperature/health checks for all on board.
  • Thorough cleaning of the vessel between trips (including generally a minimum 72-hour layover).

Further to these actions we may look to require that all guests and crew are either vaccinated or have been recently tested negative for Covid-19, and also ask that all guests and crew who are able to, use the NHS Covid-19 app on their smartphones for the duration of the adventure.

All guests and crew will be required to fill in a health questionnaire and sign a declaration before boarding.


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