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Issue 162

21st February 2020

10 Things I LOVE about the Brest & Douarnenez Festival “Double-Bill”

As the behemoth that is the Brest Maritime Festival rolls around again, Amelie Rose’s Skipper Nic Beck spills the beans on the 10 things that drag them back to the Brest & Douarnenez Temps Fete “double-header” time after time…

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Scilly Sailing – Fabulous or Fearsome?

White sandy beaches and gently waving palm trees – all set against a rolling ocean. Are we cruising around the Med, holidaying in the Canaries or cast away on a Caribbean island? No! We’re much closer to home in the wonderful Isles of Scilly. Loved and feared in almost equal measure by sailors throughout history, what is it that makes the islands such a wonderful (but nerve-wracking) sailing destination?

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10 Things I LOVE about the Brest & Douarnenez Festival “Double-Bill”

That time has rolled around again. The time that we set off South from Falmouth to enter a world that time forgot. The time that we step back into a history when traditional sail ruled the waves and when sailors home from the sea would gather to drink good beer, sing great songs and tell tall tales. Skipper Nic spills the beans on the 10 things that drag them back to the Brest Maritime Festival and Douarnenez Temps Fete double-header time and time again…

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Amelie Rose’s Mushroom and Walnut Bolognaise

One of the first recipes that we tried out when we started to introduce more plant-based meals to Amelie Rose’s galley, this fabulous vegetarian bolognaise sauce has become a firm favourite with all our crews. Easily upgradable to fully vegan with the replacement of the cheese and cream with plant-based options it has a real depth of flavour and is surprisingly quick to knock up.

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Boat Handling Under Engine – Part 3: “Let’s turn this ship around!”

In the last article we looked at ways to get our boats heading backwards without offering too much entertainment to the harbour-side gawkers. However, the vast majority of us are going to feel far happier when we’ve got our little ships heading the “right” way once more. This time, as our series on close quarters boat handling under engine continues, the Skipper tackles turning around.

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Amelie Rose’s Houmous, Halloumi & Chilli Wraps

Lunches under-way are always a bit of a conundrum; ideally they need to be hot on a cold day, cold on a hot day, tasty on any day but also hand-held and not too tricky to put together in a galley that persists in moving around. Our Houmous, Halloumi and Chilli Wraps are just the ticket – and can be prepared in advance if you want them cold or slapped together with halloumi hot from the pan if the crew look in need of a handwarmer or two…

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