Booking your Topsail Adventure

A guide to our simple booking process.

Booking your Topsail Adventure is Super Simple!

Booking with us is really easy and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Here’s a summary of the stages and what’s involved, so that you know what to expect and can check back if you’re unsure.

Step 1: Find your Adventure

Search through the Sail With Us pages on our website to find the adventure that’s right for you.

When you find it, navigate to it’s Adventure Information Page by clicking on the title, picture or “Find out more >” button.

The Adventure Information Pages are easy to spot because they all have orange banners.

Step 2: Send an Enquiry & get a Response

Once you have found the Adventure Information Page for your adventure, navigate to the bottom of the page to find it’s Booking Enquiry Form.

Fill this in and click the Submit button, letting us know how many berths you require and using the comments box to tell us about any special requirements.

Once we receive your enquiry we will check to make sure that there is enough space left on the adventure and then send you a Booking Response email with links to our online Booking Forms and details on how to pay your Deposit or Balance.

Note: If there is not enough space for you on that adventure we will send you an email detailing other options.

Step 3: Fill in your Booking Form(s) and pay your Deposit

Use the links in the Booking Response email to access our online booking forms. There is a Primary Booking Form for you and an Additional Crew Form for anybody who is travelling with you.

Once you have filled in and submitted one Primary Booking Form for you and one Additional Crew Form for each of the other members of your party, you will also need to pay the deposit (or balance) for your adventure (by bank transfer or card).

The amount that you need to pay and the ways that you can pay it will be detailed in the Booking Repsonse email.

Note: If you are booking less than six weeks before the start of your adventure then the entire balance will be due, otherwise a deposit of 30% will secure your berth(s).

Step 4: Acknowledgement & Confirmation

Once you have filled in the forms and paid the money we will send you an acknowledgement email (with a receipt for your payment).

If your adventure has reached it’s minimum guest crew level this acknowledgement will also include a confirmation.

If your adventure has yet to reach it’s minimum guest crew level, you will receive one separately when more people book on.

Step 5: Balance Reminder & Payment

Approximately 6 weeks before your adventure is due to commence we will send you an email reminding you to pay your balance.

The reminder email will include the amount owed and details of how to pay (by bank transfer or card).

If your adventure has still not been confirmed at this point we will outline your options which may include; swapping to another adventure, cancelling to receive a full refund of your deposit, or delaying your balance payment until the adventure is confirmed.

Step 6: Balance Receipt & Joining Instructions

Once you have paid the balance owed for your adventure we will send you a final confirmation email including a receipt for your payment and a set of joining instructions for your adventure.

The joining instructions include details of when and where to joing the boat, when and where you will be leaving the boat and a handy list of what you should bring along.

Step 7: Join the Boat and come Sailing!

That’s it! It really is very simple. We hope to sail with you soon.

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