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Inspirational Sailing Adventures aboard the Amelie Rose

We have been providing low-carbon adventure holidays aboard the Amelie Rose since 2009, sailing all over the English Channel from the Solent to Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, and across to the Channel Islands and Brittany.

Our focus has been on offering exciting, safe, inspirational sailing adventures to everyone – regardless of age, race, religion, disability, sexuality or gender/gender expression enabling folks to enjoy living within nature, harnessing her power, and bringing them closer to the elements and their crewmates as a result.

As we are now looking to move on to new challenges, we are looking for new owners to continue our mission and to enjoy owning this incredible vessel.

Nicola Beck
(Owner & Skipper – Topsail Adventures / Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose)

Topsail Adventures and Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose are For Sale

Imagine being the owner of this beautiful boat and running a business that allows you to take people sailing – people who enjoy her just as much as you do.

Well you can…

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Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose

Launched in 2009, Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose is a replica 19th Century Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter.

Commissioned by us in 2006 she is custom designed for charter work and was built in Cornwall by Luke Powell of Working Sail.

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