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Six Reasons to do Your Day Skipper on the Amelie Rose

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Archived News (Live), Skills School

After thinking a fair bit about what makes traditional boats like Amelie Rose such great platforms aboard which to do a Competent Crew course – my thoughts fell naturally to their advantages from the (Day) Skippers point of view. To help me I had a look through what some of our previous Day-Skips had to say about it on their feedback forms. It turned out that they do a better job than I can so here’s 6 of them in their own words…

Chris – New Forest

“I had to write to thank you for a life changing experience which I will never forget. “Amelie Rose” is truly a beautiful boat and I quite understand why you love her so much. Even after a short five days I felt quite emotional saying goodbye. Sailing in the Solent yesterday I looked at everything in a new light and sincerely hope that I can build on your excellent course and the experience gained sailing with you. I wish you both well for the future and promise to sing the praises of Topsail Adventures and “Amelie Rose” whenever I can. I hope we meet again.”

Brian – Hampshire

“I would just like to give you a really heartfelt thank you for all of your hard work last week. It really was most appreciated… The icing on the cake was that there was also so much laughter for Amelie Rose’s timbers to soak up. A happy Ship indeed! As well as giving excellent instruction and encouragement you helped me to appreciate the areas upon which I need to focus my future efforts if I am to progress, and at the same time provided memories to cherish – a real class act!!! – For that I truly thank you. Your passion for what you do is evident and I wish you the very best for the future. You absolutely deserve it. I will spread the word.”

Bruno – Nantes, France

“I can’t resist telling you again how great was this RYA course. I could write down a whole book about the enormous advantages one can find sailing with you and Amelie Rose. So if you want any testimony on behalf of a Frenchman, I can send you 100! Indeed,100 details made this trip a long lasting success for me.

First of all, I did appreciated your accurate knowledge and your ability to share it with us, not only the technical aspect of sailing but also these historic and funny sea stories which are essential to maritime culture (“2, 6, ho !”)

I also thank you for your patience. You have always been ready to explain and explain again. Your cooking talent was a genuine reward after harsh physical and intellectual efforts. Let me also tell you that Amelie Rose is, according to me, a perfect boat to learn. She brought us up to the true maritime spirit, giving the keys of the language of the sea. I confess I felt proud to be on her as people from other boats were waving at us…

Thanks to you, I have recovered self-confidence in sailing.”

David – London

“Excellent all-round. Teaching was top-notch, cheerful, clear, calm and good in allowing students to learn through mistakes.”

Colin, Middlesex

“Thanks again for a very enjoyable and informative trip. Just wanted to say that it was obvious to me that you take the instructors role seriously and the course was carried out with great attention to detail. I am so glad I was able to complete my DS on Amelie and without any damage to her! I will take some time to write up my (many) learning points and use them in future.”

Mike – Hampshire

“Hi Nick, just a quick note to say thank you for one of the most memorable weeks of my life. No complaints or significant suggestions. I am practicing my secondary ports and light recognition!!!!! I am also “spreading the word”, so thank you again and good fortune to you – I hope to sail with you again.”

Feel inspired to do your Day Skipper aboard the Amelie Rose? Why not check out our Training Courses for yourself?


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