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Want to do RYA Coastal Skipper on a Proper Boat?

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Archived News (Live), Skills School

We’ve been teaching the RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew courses for 5 years on Amelie Rose, and it’s lovely to bump into ex-trainees when we’re out and about – sometimes to discover that they’re now skippering their own boats. They’re often keen to get back aboard and ask whether we’re planning to offer more RYA courses. Well now we are, starting with RYA Coastal Skipper. So what is it and why do it on Amelie Rose?

Essentially the Coastal Skipper course exists to help fledgling skippers bridge the gap between Day Skipper and Yachtmaster. The aim of the course is to teach the skills and techniques necessary to take command of a yacht on longer, coastal passages both by day and by night. Just like the shore-based Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster develops what has been learned on the Day Skipper theory course; Coastal Skipper takes what has been learned on the Day Skipper Practical, adds a few more tools to the box and then shows how to apply them to safely complete more complex passages.

Run in a similar 5-day format to the Day Skipper the course will (weather permitting) provide trainees with the opportunity to experience pilotage and passage-making at night as well as spending more time perfecting their boat-handling under power and sail. There is also an increased focus on passage planning, command of the vessel, meteorology and coping with emergency situations and adverse weather conditions.

We’re really looking forward to offering this course on Amelie Rose as we think she’s the perfect boat for the job. Long-keeled with a full forefoot, heavy displacement and a powerful low-aspect rig she’s a fantastic sea-boat – and this course, more than any other in the RYA Syllabus, is about spending time at sea – so they’ll be perfect partners.


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