Amelie Rose

She slips through the sea
Leaving whirlpools of friendships
Spinning in her wake...

For Sale: Topsail Adventures Ltd and AMELIE ROSE


Imagine being the owner of this beautiful boat and running a business that allows you to take people sailing – people who enjoy her just as much as you do.

Imagine taking her to the Isles of Scilly – showing folks around her stunning ancestral home, or attending the Breton Traditional boat festivals, admiring the hundreds of similar craft, and being admired in turn by people who know how much of a head-turner she is.

Imagine being part of the traditional boat world and introducing hundreds of people to that wonderful community, as well as creating islands of camaraderie yourself as each crew bonds together into friendships that last well beyond each trip.

Imagine inspiring folks to write poetry.

Imagine that you could have all of this without the painstaking work (or expense) that goes into commissioning a boat like this, and into establishing and building a company to run her.

Well you can…



The Boat

Launched in 2009, Amelie Rose has been worked continually as a charter and sail training vessel and is a familiar and much welcomed sight in harbours from the Solent to Brittany where she has introduced hundreds of folks to the experience of sailing aboard a traditional vessel. With over 20,000 miles under her keel, she has proved to be a fast passage maker and in 2015 won the St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review proving her mettle against her kith and kin. In 2012 she achieved fame when she starred in the ITV series “The Hungry Sailors”, carrying Dick Strawbridge and his son James from Fowey to Tower Bridge in the heart of London.

Key benefits of her charter life have been a continual and thorough maintenance regime and an ongoing programme of improvements fitting her perfectly to her role and making her the one of the best examples of her type available at this time


The Business

Incorporated in 2006 Topsail Adventures Ltd was established to finance the build of Amelie Rose and then to operate her as a charter vessel. The business has proved capable of generating turnover in excess of £100k pa and in 2021 achieved a utilisation rate of 96% on a 70 day season with a 61% returns/referrals rate and promotional expenditure of under £750. The business has significant marketing assets including; a “responsive” website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages, “Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose” brand, clean permission-based email subscription list and many other useful business management tools.

For anyone looking to run a traditional sail charter vessel or sail training business Topsail Adventures Ltd and the Amelie Rose represent a truly turnkey opportunity.



For more details or to arrange a meeting, contact us using the form below and we’ll send you her full specification including the price and many more pictures.

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