Referral Bonus Scheme

Refer your friends to Topsail Adventures and get money off your next trip - they have a great time and so does your wallet!
Referral Bonus Scheme
Returning guests and referrals are a massive thing for us at Topsail Adventures. They are a source of pride, (over 75% of our bookings last season were from returning guests or referrals – which we think proves that we’re getting things right), but also the very best kind of marketing is word of mouth so they are a source of revenue too!

We don’t think that it’s fair that you do all the hard work unrewarded however, and with this in mind we have crafted our brand new Referral Bonus Scheme!

What is it?

Put simply; for every new guest crew-member that you refer to us who actually books to come sailing, we will offer you 10% off the price of your own next adventure.

To make it the easiest pitch for you we’ll even knock 10% off their booking too!

That means that if you fill the boat for a trip with 5 of your mates then you will get to come along for half price.

It’s good for you, it’s good for them, and actually, it’s good for us too.

How it works

Step 1: In order to refer someone you will need to get yourself a referral code by filling in the form below and clicking submit.

We will send you your code by email.

Step 2: Once you have your code you can get chatting to your friends. If one of them wants to book then they’ll just need to enter your code into the bookings forms in order to get their discount, and also contribute to your own discount pot.

Step 3: Quote your own booking referral number when you book your next adventure to claim any referral discount that you have amassed.

That’s all there is to it!

Get started today – just fill in the form now to apply for your referral code right away.

The “Small Print”

  • Referral Codes are issued at the discretion of Topsail Adventures and can be withdrawn at any time, zeroing the discount “pot”.
  • Discount “pots” can only be used when booking adventures from Topsail Adventures, there is no cash equivalent, and “pots” can not be withdrawn or otherwise transferred.
  • By “new guest crew-member” we mean someone who has not sailed with us before.
  • The referee needs to remember to give us your referral code on their booking enquiry and booking forms, and they will have to book individually (not as a group) so that we can track their booking. If they forget to inform us or book as a group then the relevant discount may not be added to your “pot”.
  • Referral discounts will be added to your “pot” at the point the referee’s balance is paid. If they then cancel and are lucky enough to receive a refund or partial refund (i.e. we manage to resell the berth) then the related discount will be removed from your “pot”.
  • There’re no limits to the number of referrals you can make – refer 10 people for a free trip!
  • We’re afraid that this can’t be used in association with any of our other offers, so their adventure must be at the initial advertised price and not a Standby Special or other discount. Your discount “pot” can be used on any Topsail Adventure though.
PS. Don’t forget to check out our other Special Offers too!

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