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Issue 162

24th January 2020

There is no Planet B – Our Commitment for a Sustainable World

Sustainability has been at the heart of Topsail Adventures since we started the company back in 2006 but as the years have gone by and the climate crisis has deepened, we’ve learned more about what actions we can take in order to further protect our fragile planet. As Natural England and the Environment Agency warn that 2020 is the “last chance” to bring the world together to tackle climate change we have decided to review and re-publish our sustainability policy and seek out suggestions as to how we can do more.

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Return of the Clean Seas Odyssey

Some of you who followed last years Clean Seas Odyssey may be wondering whether it was a one hit wonder or whether we intend to continue our fight for the health of our seas. The truth is that we remain utterly committed to doing our part to protect our planet and its oceans and with this in mind we are pleased today to announce Clean Seas Odyssey Week at Portland Marina.

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Sailing to #SaveOurSeas – A Clean Seas Odyssey Review

What a year. It started with one massively tall order; “to make a difference to the problem of plastic pollution entering our seas”, and nothing but the boat and some vague ideas to work with. So how did it end? Were we successful? Read on to find out more!

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Topsail Adventures Launches A Clean Seas Odyssey

If you are plugged into our Social Media feeds then you will already know that we’ve decided to put the business on hold this year in order to run a project doing something about the plastic pollution that is choking our coasts and seas. To find out why we’re doing this, to discover how you can come sailing with us and what else you can do to help read on.

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