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Issue 162

29th November 2019

Traditional Sailing – It is a Womens’ World Too

Part-time First Mate (and full-time woman) Rebecca Sykes takes aim at the stereotypes about Traditional Boat sailing and shares her thoughts on what it’s like as a female to join the crew of the Amelie Rose.

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Memories of a Season Past – 2019 in Pictures

We’ve been flicking through our pictures of Amelie Rose’s 2019 season whilst thinking about the year ahead, and thought that you might all appreciate a look at our favourites. It certainly was a hell of a year – tons of fabulous blue sky/blue sea sailing but also some blisteringly fast passages. Anyway, enough waffle – enjoy the pictures!

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2019 – The Season Slips Astern

Twenty-nineteen has been a busy year for me aboard the Amelie Rose. Our 11th season saw us sail over 1,800nm, from Scilly to Brittany, the Channel Islands to the Solent. Not counting the hundreds of kids who sailed aboard with the Set Sail Trust, over 90 guest crews have joined us on our adventures this year. We’ve met old friends and made new ones everywhere we’ve been and through it all Amelie Rose has been amazing. She is a true pleasure to sail, always looking out for her crew, and always giving her best. As we close on the end of this eventful year, I thought that I’d share some of my most treasured memories.

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Simply Our Ten Favourite Isles of Scilly Anchorages

As mentioned elsewhere, the Isles of Scilly hold an enduring fascination for us and one of the highpoints of 2018 was surely that we got to spend a whole fortnight buzzing about them on our Clean Seas Odyssey. Over the years we’ve experienced Scilly in all kinds of weather, with the wind coming from most points of the compass and this, plus help from our friends and our trusty Pilot Book, have given us quite a repertoire of anchorages and havens to hole up in. In no particular order here’s ten of our favourites.

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Ten Years Abaft the Mast

Twenty nineteen is going to be a big year for Amelie Rose. On April 24th it will be exactly 10 years to the day since her keel touched the water for the very first time. Ten years of adventures, ten years of making new friends and meeting them again and again, ten years in which the best part of 20,000 miles have passed under her keel.

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In Praise of Pellew

It’s over 12 years since I first met Luke Powell on the deck of his boat Agnes. Since that fateful day he has built me the Amelie Rose and still we’ve become good friends. All that time he has harboured an ambition to build a big boat, a boat that would show off the pinnacle of what Pilot Cutters were capable of being. The Pellew is that boat and it turns out that she’s more than just a behemoth.

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