Amelie Rose at Anchor off St Agnes in the ScillyFrom the Archives: Scilly Sailing - Fabulous or Fearsome?

White sandy beaches and gently waving palm trees - all set against a rolling ocean. Are we cruising around the Med, holidaying in the Canaries or cast away on a Caribbean island? No, we’re much closer to home in the wonderful Isles of Scilly. Loved and feared in almost equal measure by sailors throughout history we explore the "Favoured Isles"...


Amelie Rose on the hard in Gosport

Topmast Tales, Spring Sailing and Amelie gets Airbourne

It’s been a busy week for Amelie Rose. She started the week comfortable if rather bored in her winter berth looking a little forlorn without her topmast, sporting a veritable forest of seaweed and in need of a new charter license. Now she’s sat ashore soaking up the Gosport sunshine, clean bummed and fully rigged and (nearly) ready for another five years sailing with friends old and new…

Bending on Sails Alex Q: Competant Crew!

Okay so it's not got quite the same ring to it as Thomas Magnum: Private Eye, or Elizabeth Windsor: Queen of England, but it'll do for me. As promised I wasted no time getting back aboard the Amelie Rose and here's my report on what it's like to "do" your Competant Crew aboard her...


Yay! Time to go sailing again... Blue Skies over Dorset

It's official; there are other kinds of weather than miserable rain and driving winds. The forecast shows winds swinging to the East and for those of you versed in UK weather law that generally means two things; 1) high pressure over the UK and 2) it could be here for weeks. Seems like a good time for us to have a look at what we'll be up to over the next month or so...


Training courses aboard the prettiest school boat in the Solent Time for Training?

Here in Dorset there are snowdrops all about, and even the daffodils are starting to break into flower which (hopefully) means that Spring will soon be upon us. Some of you will also be participating in that other great spring tradition – emerging from sailing clubs and evening classes with brand new Day Skipper or Yachtmaster theory qualifications clasped in your hands…


Amelie Rose in her Winter Home What Amelie Rose did this Winter

Ok – so I guess that the title is a little misleading as apart from chafing through some of her mooring warps Amelie Rose hasn’t really been up to all that much this winter – but it has been a very busy off-season for Topsail Adventures with the promise of even more frantic scurrying to come.
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