Amelie Rose Gift VouchersGive a little “Amelie Rose” this Christmas

It’s cold, it’s dark and the shops are the usual pre-Christmas nightmare. There is a solution and it starts with you putting your feet up and throwing another log on the fire (or turning up the central heating). Now - grab your laptop/iPad/smart phone and order your loved one an Amelie Rose Gift Voucher...

BBC Breakfast team doing Lemonfaces for LeukaemiaLemonfaces for Leukaemia

A very good friend of mine, and big Pilot Cutter fan Dora Kemp was recently diagnosed with acute Leukaemia. BOO! To cheer herself up a bit she asked all of her friends to take a selfie of themselves eating a lemon. Well she's had a good response - even including the BBC Breakfast team - but we can do better right?


It's really pretty simple: Get a lemon, bite deep and take a picture of your face as you grimace. Then go to and post the picture for Dora to look at and chuckle over.


Go on - it'll only take a minute and it'll give her something to look forward to apart from lumbar punctures and chemo.


Amelie Rose on her summer mooring It’s time to burn those socks – spring is here!

Not every tradition that crosses the North Atlantic causes an obesity epidemic it appears. In Annapolis it has long been a custom for sailors to meet up on the Vernal Equinox and burn their woollen foot-bags in preparation for the warm season of sailing ahead…

What to do with a soggy sailor Boat Skills – Man Overboard!

Don’t panic – we haven’t lost anyone overboard, well there was this one time, but we were at anchor and, well, that’s another story. This is actually the first in a new series of articles bringing you the Skippers thoughts on things sailing skills related, starting with what happens next should you ever hear the fateful call…

Amelie Rose lolling at anchor off St Mawes Skippers Log – What Amelie Rose did last summer Pt6: Scilly Season Take 1

Five days lolling around in the St Mawes sunshine are all very well – but where we really wanted to be during the best summer in years was out in the Scilly. It’s magical out there even when things get frisky but with endless high pressure in the forecast our two sojourns to the Scilly promised great things…

Amelie Rose racing in the St George's TrophyFrom the Archives: First, last and aground – Amelie Rose and the St Georges Trophy 2013

The St Georges Trophy traditionally heralds the beginning of the lovely Spring weather that we seem to be having these days (3 out of the previous 4 regattas being held in glorious sunshine) so as St George's Day approached we peered hopefully at the weather forecasts to divine what we had in store...

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