Topsail Adventures Christmas Card Merry Christmas from Amelie Rose and Topsail Adventures

What an amazing year! We've been West to the Scilly, East to London and South to Douarnenez. We've raced the Tall Ships, partied with the Pilot Cutters and sailed hundreds of miles with both old friends and new. Now - with the marketing juggernaut that is Christmas hull-up on the horizon - it's time to chuck another log on the fire, break open the rum and enjoy our memories of another fabulous season...

New crewmate Missy getting her marketing puppy-eyes on Amelie Rose and the Tail of the Black Dog

T'was some weeks before Christmas, and all through the boat. Nothing was moving, not even the, uhm, goat. To be honest that's because Amelie Rose is laid up at her Winter mooring in Poole Quay Boat Haven, but elsewhere there are crew-changes afoot at Topsail HQ...

The CWM FX London Boat Show LogoTopsail Adventures at the London Boat Show

We had a great time at the London Boat Show at the start of the year - but as we were only there for 3 days we did miss the opportunity to catch up with a lot of folks who visited earlier in week. Also, as we were being hosted by the (lovely) folks at the Marine Leisure Association, we couldn't really set it up as we'd like. Well next year's show will be different...

Amelie Rose at the St Mawes Pilot Cutter ReviewAmelie Rose's 2015 Schedule is Go!

I'm not a big fan of this time of year; there's too much in the way of Christmas-related consumption, too many grey days when it never seems to get properly light and nowhere near enough sailing to be done. However, one great tradition does glimmer forth from the gloom and that's the process of dreaming up and then publishing Amelie Rose's schedule for the next year...


Amelie Rose Gift VouchersGive a little ďAmelie RoseĒ this Christmas

Itís cold, itís dark and the shops are the usual pre-Christmas nightmare. There is a solution and it starts with you putting your feet up and throwing another log on the fire (or turning up the central heating). Now - grab your laptop/iPad/smart phone and order your loved one an Amelie Rose Gift Voucher...

BBC Breakfast team doing Lemonfaces for LeukaemiaLemonfaces for Leukaemia

A very good friend of mine, and big Pilot Cutter fan Dora Kemp was recently diagnosed with acute Leukaemia. BOO! To cheer herself up a bit she asked all of her friends to take a selfie of themselves eating a lemon. Well she's had a good response - even including the BBC Breakfast team - but we can do better right?


It's really pretty simple: Get a lemon, bite deep and take a picture of your face as you grimace. Then go to and post the picture for Dora to look at and chuckle over.


Go on - it'll only take a minute and it'll give her something to look forward to apart from lumbar punctures and chemo.

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