A Day Skipper candidate briefing the crew on his pilotage plan Six Reasons to do Your Day Skipper on the Amelie Rose

After thinking a fair bit about what makes traditional boats like Amelie Rose such great platforms aboard which to do a Competent Crew course – my thoughts fell naturally to their advantages from the (Day) Skippers point of view. To help me I had a look through what some of our previous Day-Skips had to say about it on their feedback forms. It turned out that they do a better job than I can so here’s 6 of them in their own words…

Amelie Rose and Annabel J off St Agnes 5 Fab Scilly Anchorages

One of the reasons that we love the Scilly so much is the total absence of nasty marinas with their narrow fairways, assumptions that your boat steers as well in reverse as in forward gear and wallet-lightening office-staff. Instead, barring a few locations where mooring buoys provide an alternative, visitors to the Scilly are rewarded with a seemingly infinite number of stunning anchorages. Here are 5 of our favourites…


Amelie Rose keeping her crew busy 7 Great Reasons to do Your Competent Crew Aboard a Traditional Boat in UK Waters

There’re a lot of RYA sea-schools out there selling Competent Crew courses. Some of them offer you a free sun-tan whilst you’re doing it, some will rave about their ultra-modern luxury push-button yachts but we think they’re all barking up the wrong tree. Comp Crew is about gaining the confidence and skills to be safe and useful aboard a sailing boat and we think it’s easier to do this on a traditional boat like Amelie Rose. Read on to find out why…

Plate of (beautifully cooked) rice From Amelie’s Galley: Idiot-Proof Rice

I’m often surprised by folks asking how I cook rice on Amelie. For a simple food it does seem to cause inordinate consternation when it comes to turning out a bowl-full that’s not swimming in water, clumped together or welded to the bottom of a pan. Even bearing in mind the epithet that making a thing idiot-proof is generally confounded by nature’s ability to make a better idiot I’m fairly sure that I have the answer…

Who will win the 2015 TIPSYs? The Best 5 Pubs in the World – It’s the TIPSYs Part 2!

Ok, so the South Coast isn’t the whole world. We do know that. But the Channel is where the Amelie Rose sails and whilst the French may know a thing or two they’ve gone too far down the pavement café route to build a proper Pub so... In our last news we announced places 10 to 6 in the TIPSYs (Topsail Inebriating Pubs of the Year awards) and we know that literally some of you have been growing impatient to discover the top 5.


Amelie Rose in Falmouth Harbour The Best Pubs in Britain? – Here come the TIPSYs (Part 1)

Awards are all the rage at this time of year. We’ve had the Baftas and the Grammys, the Oscars are just around the corner and there's the Ig Nobels, Stellas and the ever amusing Darwins. But never mind that, it’s time for the “Topsail Inebriating Pubs of the Year” Awards (TIPSYs for short). Handpicked by our expert panel of Judges (!) they're our fave places along the South Coast to drown our sorrows on a wild, wet and windy night…

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