Crikey - It's Nearly May! Skippers Log: Crikey! It’s nearly May

A new year of Skippers logs and we’ve a new Skipper to boot. So without further ado, here’s Diggs with his very first entry:
"It’s very nearly the May Day Bank Holiday as I write this, and I’ve been reflecting on how the rapid passing of time has been echoed by my experiences of taking over as Skipper aboard the Amelie Rose…

Amelie Rose passing Portland Bill Songs of Praise for Proper Boats

We’ve all heard the argument that goes “traditional boats are old fashioned and hard to sail and the modern yacht does it all so much better because it’s light and computer designed and sails to windward and is easier to handle” and so on. But, dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to look at this thought a little more closely...

All aboard the Folkboat Amelie Rose How do you make a Pilot Cutter into a Folkboat?

Those of you blessed with sharp-eyes will have noticed something new nestling in amongst our usual faire of summer trips to the sumptuous Scilly and bashes down to Brittany. The new trips are called Folkboat Cruises and we’ve got 8 of them this year - but what are they and who should come along? Read on to find out more…

Amelie Rose's Chart Table Skipper's Rants: In Praise of Stupid Boats…

I was flipping through the RYA members’ magazine and came across an advert from a well-known marine equipment supplier suggesting that as we now have smart cars and smart phones “it’s about time we got Smart Boats”. They are, of course, pushing their latest chart-plotter which apparently comes complete with “autorouting navigation”. It set me to thinking about whether all this technology is really such a great idea…


Amelie Rose, hard on the wind, heading out into the English Channel Want to do RYA Coastal Skipper on a Proper Boat?

We’ve been teaching the RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew courses for 5 years on Amelie Rose, and it’s lovely to bump into ex-trainees when we’re out and about – sometimes to discover that they’re now skippering their own boats. They’re often keen to get back aboard and ask whether we’re planning to offer more RYA courses. Well now we are, starting with RYA Coastal Skipper. So what is it and why do it on Amelie Rose?


Picture of the "green flash" from the sun setting over the sea Summer Special Offers in a Flash

Down here in Dorset the daffodils are poking up and the Sun is once again bestowing warmth rather than just watery light and so it must be that the sailing season is nearly upon us. Despite occasional “green shoots” and ministerial claims however, the economy continues to leave many feeling a little short of dough and so we’ve been thinking about how we can help you lovely folks come sailing without breaking the piggy bank…

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