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Whilst searching for some pictures to illustrate my article Why are the French so good at Festivals? I came across our pictures from Brest and Douarnanez 2012 and thought you might enjoy a look...

"Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012" International Maritime Festival

Every 4 years, coinciding with the summer Olympics, Brest is the grand-daddy of traditional boat festivals and is a must-see for any classic boat fan. The sheer number of boats attending from massive windjammers to tiny coracles is simply breath-taking and the scale of the shenanigans ashore doesn't disappoint either. We spent days wondering happily around the various areas but the best bits all happened afloat and we've got video forthcoming as soon as we get it through the edit-suite.


Windjammers at Brest 2012
The small boat fleet at Brest 2012

There's every size of ship in Brest

- from huge windjammers... dinghies and day boats


More big boats at Brest 2012 Lady and her dog figurehead

It's rare that I get a dose of bowsprit envy



Embracing her bitchy side


Amelie Rose in the middle of Brest 2012 Amelie with chums Cariad and Vigilance at Brest 2012

Here we are in the middle of it all again



Amelie with chums Cariad and Vigilance


Etoile du Roy - aka The Grand Turk at Brest 2012 Packed quaysides at Brest 2012

Etoile du Roy - aka The Grand Turk from the

Hornblower TV series is a regular at all

of the Bretton Festivals



Packed quaysides and plenty to see


More small boats at Brest 2012 Street entertainment at Brest 2012

Didn't anyone tell this guy that green is unlucky?



If there's a corner there's someone

being entertaining in it...


Yet more boats at Brest 2012 Food aplenty at Brest 2012

Yet more boats...



This being France your stomach will not be

left out of the celebrations


The view from Amelie Rose at Brest 2012 Looking across the deck of Vigilance at Brest 2012

The view from the deck of Amelie Rose



Looking across the deck of Vigilance


"Temps Fete 2012" - Douarnenez Maritime Festival

The Temps Fete Festival in Douarnenenz synchronises with Brest once every four years but is actually a bi-annual celebration. Based in one of the prettiest harbours on this stretch of coastline it's a much more intimate affair countering Brest's "feel the width" scale with a great deal of flair and a focus on activities on the water as well as ashore. It's my favourite festival and I can't wait to get down there in 2014 to try out the "non-Brest year" experience which is reputed to be even more cosy and quirky.


Amelie Rose in the middle of "Pilot Cutter Row" at Douarnenez 2012Eve of St Mawes at Douarnenenz 2012

Amelie Rose in the middle of

"Pilot Cutter Row" at Douarnenez 2012


Eve of St Mawes - further up the row


Yet more boats at Douarnenez 2012Baggywrinkles at Douarnenez 2012

Yet more boats out in the bay


Douarnenez - the perfect place to

show off your baggywrinkles


Amelie Rose at Douarnenez 2012
Etolie du Roy / The Grand Turk at Douarnenez 2012

Amelie looking right at home


Etoile du Roy / The Grand Turk has

followed us down the coast


Douarnenez 2012
Amelie Rose sailing with all canvas aloft and her "party" flags flying

Douarnenez is so much more compact than Brest

- which adds to it's atmosphere

Amelie Rose sailing with all canvas aloft

and her "party" flags flying

If looking at these makes you wish you could have been there then why not join us for the Temps Fete Douarnenez Festival 2014?


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