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We take your safety seriouslyThe sea can be a dangerous and unpredictable environment; this challenge is what part of what makes sailing such a great adventure.

With this in mind we take the safety of our guests very seriously at Topsail Adventures and ensure that not only do we carry the latest safety equipment but that we know how to use it.


Find out more here about a few of the ways that we strive to make your adventure as safe as it is enjoyable.


  • We use a Seaworthy Vessel: Scillonian Pilot Cutters were built to sail out into the Atlantic off the Scilly Isles in all weathers with only a man, a boy and a pilot on board. They were designed to be safe, seaworthy and manageable in all conditions. In addition to this fine heritage Amelie Rose is coded to MCA Category 2 – the UK standard for charter vessels operating up to 60NM from safe haven.


  • We use only Qualified Skippers: All Skippers are qualified to at least RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore standard with a Commercial Endorsement.


  • We ensure that First Aid is always available: There will usually be two qualified first aiders on board.

Some of Amelie Rose's modern safety equipment

  • We provide the best Modern Safety Equipment: Although we are often keen to eschew modern ways of doing things, this ethos does not extend to the safety of our guests and crew. Amelie Rose is equipped with the latest in safety equipment including;
    • SOLAS B Liferafts
    • Automatic Life Jackets and Harnesses
    • EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)
    • Radar (with Mini ARPA plotting aid)
    • DSC VHF Radio.


  • We practice to ensure that the Best Procedures are in place: The best ship and the most modern safety gear in the world are no use unless the crew know how to use them. With this in mind we will always start each adventure with a safety briefing, and regularly practice man overboard drills.

Whilst we hope never to have to use it Amelie Rose will be covered by a comprehensive Insurance Policy that includes third party liability of up to £2,000,000.

Amelie Rose carries RADAR, GPS Plotter, DSC VHF and Navtex

If any member of your party suffers from any condition that may affect their health or safety during the adventure (e.g. allergies, diabetes, asthma, heart condition, restricted mobility, epilepsy, coordination problems, hearing impairment, visual problems, learning disability, physical disability) or if they are pregnant or on medication that could be affected by seasickness, we do ask that they disclose this to us in order that we can make provision for their safety. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and any records of it will be destroyed at the end of the adventure.


We do ask you to ensure that you bring appropriate warm clothing, spare clothes, sun cream, hats etc. as no-one functions well when they are cold, wet or suffering from sunburn or heat stroke. Flat non marking footwear with a reasonable level of grip should be worn at all times when underway aboard Amelie Rose and wet weather gear is available in various sizes if you don’t have your own.


Lastly, we do ask that you follow any reasonable directions of the Skipper and mate at all times when aboard Amelie Rose or her dinghy.


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