Grog and Rations


Minimum food miles, maximum freshnessIt's our firm belief that a well-fed crew is a happy crew and it's amazing how appetites grow at sea, especially when working Amelie Rose with her blocks and tackles and her handspike windlass.


With this in mind we cook good hearty food and make sure that there's always a snack box aboard full of wholesome (and not so wholesome) snacks for filling up in those peckish moments.


We're also of the opinon that there is no such thing as too much tea, and can rarely be enticed to start a day without a pot of freshly brewed "proper" coffee (black no sugar please, if you're up first). Read on to find out what will be on the menu on your adventure...

Where we live in Dorset we're surrounded by fantastic food sources and, in keeping with the environmental elements of our mission, we aim to provide food which is locally sourced where possible, freshly bought and home cooked or prepared on the boat.


When sailing from our base in Poole we always use meat bought from our local butcher - which includes organic beef from the farm in our village. Our lamb, pork and chicken are all from nearby free-range organic farms, and our bacon and sausages are made just a mile up the road. We cook with plenty of fresh vegetables and love no nonsense dishes like shepherds pie, stew and sausage & mash. But we're not only fans of British cooking so you'll be as likely to be presented with a chilli con carne, pasta, Thai curry, and the occasional Spanish omelette.

Melisa rustles up a Spanish Omelette for Breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal afloat and Amelie Rose is always well stocked with bread, cereal, museli and our personal favourite, lots of lovely porridge. When time allows we've been known to knock up a proper English fry up and other breakfast favourites are bacon butties, omelettes and ham & cheese croissant. On trips with early starts planned there'll be breakfast bars to keep you going until the cook gets his act together.


If we've had a chance to get the trolling line out then lunch can be the freshest possible mackerel (sea to plate in less than 30 minutes takes some beating), but the classic Cornish pasty, a range of soups, sandwiches and pasta also put in regular appearences. Between the main meals, if you feel a bit peckish, have no fear for there's always cakes, biscuits and the well-loved Amelie Rose "Snack Box" filled to the brim with flapjack, chocolate brownies and rocky roads.

You can't beat the restorative properties of a cup of tea and a slice of cake!

It's amazingly easy to get dehydrated at sea so there's always plenty of tea and coffee aboard, as well as squash, canned soft drinks and bottled water (although the boat's water is perfectly drinkable). After a day's sailing it's very nice to relax with a can of beer or glass of wine, and although we don't provide these, many guests do choose to bring some of their favourite tipple along which we're more than happy to help stash safely. When in port the crew often venture ashore for a drink or two and even for the occasional meal which we're happy to organise, having a favourite haunt or two in most ports that we visit.


For any crew with specific dietary needs we always aim to be flexible, but please bear in mind that the size of our galley restricts our ability to cook separately for different tastes. If you have any specific dietary requirements, get in touch and we can discuss the options. We've coped in the past with vegetarian and lactose/gluten intolerant crews so don't despair - just let us know good and early.


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