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Amelie Rose Tour

Amelie Rose UnderwayFind out all about Amelie Rose and what she's like above and below deck.


Traditional boats like Amelie Rose have a very different feeling about them than modern boats. Both when they're under way, where their weight gives them a superb motion through the sea, but also when you're down below where it feels like a big wooden hug!


We got lots of pictures and a plan so that you can get a real feel for her before you come aboard. Look her over from Stem to Stern and even check out the berths so you can bag the best one when you come aboard!


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Who are we? Our Story, Our Mission


Nick & MelisaTopsail Adventures is run by us, Nick & Melisa, from our base here in North Dorset.


Nick is usually the Skipper aboard the Amelie Rose and Melisa occasionally does service as First Mate, but concentrates in the main on the running of the business (when she's not up in London pursuing other opportunities).


Back in 2009 we both left our City IT jobs to launch Amelie Rose and Topsail Adventures, with the aim of re-connecting as many people as possible with the great sailing heritage of our island nation.


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The Charter Experience


The crew of the Amelie Rose Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day!The boat, skipper and mate are only part of the story of a trip aboard the Amelie Rose. Discover more about day to day life aboard, the kinds of adventures that we have, who comes along and the other elements that make cruising aboard such an inspiring experience.


Whilst capable of handling Amelie Rose on our own we passionately believe that our guests get the most out of their time aboard by becoming a true part of her crew. There are tasks aboard for every skill level, be it hoisting sails, helming, pulling on sheets or even making the tea or doing the washing up.


By the time you leave us you'll have had the chance to be involved in every element of running the ship and will have developed that very special bond that evolves not only with the vessel but between the ship mates that are her crew. And no, you don't HAVE to dress as a Pirate!


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Grog and Rations


Minimum food miles, maximum freshnessIt's our firm belief that a well-fed crew is a happy crew and it's amazing how appetites grow at sea, especially when working Amelie Rose with her blocks and tackles and her handspike windlass.


With this in mind we cook good hearty food and make sure that there's always a snack box aboard full of wholesome (and not so wholesome) snacks for filling up in those peckish moments.


We're also of the opinon that there is no such thing as too much tea, and can rarely be enticed to start a day without a pot of freshly brewed "proper" coffee (black no sugar please, if you're up first). Read on to find out what will be on the menu on your adventure...


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Your Safety aboard Amelie Rose


We take your safety seriouslyThe sea can be a dangerous and unpredictable environment; this challenge is what part of what makes sailing such a great adventure.

With this in mind we take the safety of our guests very seriously at Topsail Adventures and ensure that not only do we carry the latest safety equipment but that we know how to use it.


Find out more here about a few of the ways that we strive to make your adventure as safe as it is enjoyable.


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Topsail Adventures Limited - Hands-on Adventure Holidays and Sail Training aboard the Amelie Rose


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